• Hartge BMW X6 styling pack

    There’s no shortage of tuners offering upgrades for the new BMW X6, and to add to this specialist BMW tuner Hartge has just unveiled its new aerodynamic kit for the sporty crossover. For those of you that have seen pictures of the high-performance X6 M and felt underwhelmed by the crossover’s rather mundane appearance, then Hartge’s latest kit may just be one of the best alternatives we've seen to BMW M's own styling. The actual kit itself consists of a number of aerodynamic pieces, including an aggressive front spoiler, a custom rear skirt and side sills for both sides of...

  • hartge bmw x6 003
    Hartge takes the diesel X6 to new highs - and lows

    Style is undoubtedly a subjective thing, but sometimes agreement is nearly universal. The Mona Lisa has been revered through the ages, while the bowl-cut hair style is a perpetual laughing stock. Somewhere toward the latter end of the spectrum lie creations like Hartge's latest X6 variant, sporting...

  • hartge bmw e92 m3 convertible 004
    Hartge releases E92 BMW M3 Convertible mod package

    This February Hartge released its E92 M3 Coupe tuning package, adding power and more aggressive looks to the already imposing base vehicle. Now the company has released its treatment for the M3 Convertible as well. The primary focal points of the drop-top treatment are the points of difference from...

  • Hartge 135i
    Hartge releases new modified BMW 135i

    Almost six months ago, Hartge revealed its original take on the 1-series. At that time, it was entirely an appearance and suspension upgrade package, leaving the engine untouched. Now, having spent the last six months extracting even more power from the 135i's twin-turbo six-cylinder, the German...

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