• The story behind the Porsche 911 GT1 Evo

    Homologation. It's the racing rule that results in some of the world's greatest road cars. To race, many cars have to be homologated, which means they have to have a number of street-legal counterparts to prove they're part of a brand's production line. Sitting high on this list of all-time homologated greats is the Porsche 911 GT1 Evo, and this is the story of how that car came to be. In the mid 1990s, the FIA created a new racing class called the BPR Global GT Series. The goal was to pit supercars against one another after they'd been crafted into true racing machines. However, for an...

  • De Macross GT1 prototype
    Canada’s De Macross GT1 Supercar Edges Closer To Production

    We first heard about the De Macross GT1 project in August of last year, back when the car was still in the concept phase with only a quarter-scale model to show off its design. Since then, Canada’s De Macross Motors Corp (DMMC) has managed to build up a working prototype and will soon be...

  • Maserati MC12 race car
    Maserati MC12 Takes Out 2010 FIA GT1 Championship

    The race cars of the FIA GT1 series are some of the most impressive machines on four wheels this side of a fully fledged Formula One car, and one of the best of them is the Maserati MC12. It’s hard to believe but the car has gone on to earn a fifth Drivers’ title and a sixth...

  • corvette c6r gt2 racecar 016
    GM reveals Corvette ZR1-based C6.R GT2 race car

    The Corvette C6.R GT1 car had its last hurrah at the Long Beach leg of the American Le Mans Series GT1 championship, but today General Motors unveiled the car that will be replacing it - the C6.R GT2, based on the Corvette ZR1. With the season half over already, Corvette Racing will be using the...

  • R35 Nissan GT-R FIA-GT1
    Nissan reveals official details for FIA-GT1 GT-R race car

    Nissan is just a year out from entering its giant-killing GT-R supercar into an FIA sanctioned GT1 race, with the company confirming that a race-prepped version will be available for sale to teams competing in the FIA-GT1 class early next year. We will get our first taste of the new car on May 3rd...

  • Nissan GT-R FIA-GT1 race car prototype spy shot
    Spy shots: FIA-GT1 Nissan GT-R race car prototype

    Just when you think there’s nothing more to see or read about Nissan’s GT-R supercar, images of a mysterious prototype start to crop up on the internet. The latest shot depicts a car with several features you would normally find on a GT style race car, leading to speculation that Nissan...

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