2008 Cadillac STS-V

Cadillac STS-V and Pontiac G6 GXP absent from 2010 GM lineup

General Motors is trimming its model lineup to get rid of its underperforming sport models across all its brands. Just yesterday, it was revealed that Chevrolet will no longer offer the Impala SS variant for 2010, nor will it offer the 2010 Cobalt SS sedan. Following in the footsteps of these two... read more

May 8, 2009 by
Fiat and Opel logos

Report: GM wants 30% stake in possible joint Opel-Fiat company

The landscape of the automotive industry is changing, and before things are done, the changes may be massive. Already Fiat and Chrysler are forging an alliance, and Fiat is... read more May 7, 2009 by

2004 Opel Trixx Concept

Opel planning electric city car based on Trixx concept

Despite its financial woes on the back of General Motors’ money troubles, Opel is still working on developing its own new models and technologies, including what could... read more May 7, 2009 by

GM Detroit headquarters

GM posts $6 billion first quarter loss

GM is now less than a month away from its June 1 restructuring deadline imposed by President Obama’s auto industry task force, but any signs that it’s on the path... read more May 7, 2009 by

Corvette ZR-1

GM CEO Henderson says Corvette is safe despite restructuring

When General Motors disbanded its High Performance Vehicles unit in February, a ripple of fear shot through the automotive press over the future of the Corvette. GM was quick... read more May 6, 2009 by

Opel Astra

Report: GM to move Astra to Buick with Saturn out of picture

Many have wondered what will happen to all the new Opel products being brought to the U.S. now that Saturn is facing sale or termination in the next few months. The answer... read more May 6, 2009 by

Saab 9-3X

Saab open to Fiat takeover

The last thing we heard about Saab was that the struggling General Motors division had up to 20 interested buyers and a May 20 deadline to restructure under the guidance of... read more May 6, 2009 by

2010 Chevrolet Equinox LTZ

2010 Chevy Equinox to get 32mpg highway rating, beats Honda and Toyota

Chevrolet revealed pricing for its all-new Equinox crossover earlier this month, and now it has released the expected fuel efficiency rating for its four-cylinder model. Set... read more May 4, 2009 by

2010 ford taurus 001

Ford's image improves by staying above the fray, says study

It wasn't so long ago that people were deriding Ford for mortgaging the Blue Oval itself, key investors were dumping shares into the open market and the company was forced to... read more May 4, 2009 by

Sergio Marchionne, CEO of Fiat

Fiat wants to form new company to combine Chrysler and GM Europe

Fiat has confirmed that it wants to acquire General Motors' European operations and to do so the Italian auto giant may form a new company to combine its Fiat car brands... read more May 4, 2009 by

Hennessey Cadillac CTS-V

Hennessey upgrades Cadillac CTS-V to ZR1 spec

Texas-based tuning firm Hennessey Performance Engineering (HPE) has announced plans for several highly modified Cadillac CTS-V sedans that the company plans to launch later... read more May 1, 2009 by

VE Holden Commodore police car

Pontiac G8 may live on as police squad car

General Motors CEO Fritz Henderson has confirmed that the Holden-sourced G8 will die out along with its adopted Pontiac brand at the end of 2010, but the sporty sedan may... read more April 28, 2009 by

2007 Cadillac BLS

Cadillac to replace BLS with global model based on Epsilon II platform

Cadillac knows its future lies in small cars, especially if it wants to be considered a global player, but GM’s financial woes means the company has had to pare back... read more April 28, 2009 by

2009 Chevrolet Malibu

Poll: most Americans will buy a new American car within two years

Despite the troubles in Detroit and Washington for U.S. carmakers, almost three-quarters of the buying public say they'd buy American - and over half of U.S. consumers are in... read more April 28, 2009 by

2010 Chevrolet Corvette Grand Sport

Chevrolet releases more details on Corvette Grand Sport

The Corvette Grand Sport is back. Set to roll in later this year as a 2010 model in both coupe and convertible bodystyles, the new Grand Sport combines the standard Corvette... read more April 28, 2009 by

2009 Pontiac Vibe

GM in talks with Toyota to source replacement for Pontiac Vibe

General Motors revealed in its latest viability plan that it will cut more than 21,000 jobs and reduce its total number of assembly, powertrain, and stamping plants in the... read more April 27, 2009 by


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