Girfalco Azkarra

  • Girfalco Azkarra concept

    Canadian startup Girfalco on Friday unveiled a thinly-veiled concept for a new three-wheel electric sports car that promises to be one of the quickest-accelerating cars money can buy. Called the Azkarra, the two-seat electric three-wheeler is designed for both road and track use and in its most potent form hits 60 mph from rest in just 2.5 seconds. We’re talking hypercar territory. Girfalco will offer both a standard Azkarra and sportier Azkarra S. The latter benefits from an innovative three-wheel-drive system consisting of an electric motor powering each wheel. The motors enable full...

  • Teaser for Girfalco Azkarra to be unveiled December 2
    Canada’s Girfalco plans 3-wheel electric sports car

    Move over Morgan. A Canadian sports car startup is working on a rival to the British firm’s EV3 electric 3 Wheeler and it promises to be one of the fastest accelerating cars in production. The company is Girfalco, based in Boucherville, Quebec, and its first model is a three-wheel...

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