Formulec EF01

  • FondTech E-11 electric race car prototype

    We all like to think that our cars have been developed using technology bred on the race track. It adds a sense of kudos and the impression of thoroughbred engineering to even the most mundane of vehicles. Ironic then, that with the push towards electric vehicles as road transport, the world of motorsport has been left to catch up in an effort to remain relevant. FondTech's E-11 electric race car prototype is one such electric racing car. The Italian aerodynamic engineering group has created the single seater as their own interpretation of a "Formula E" racer. Formula E is the FIA's own...

  • Formulec EF01 electric race car
    Formulec EF01 Electric Race Car Does 0-60 In Three Seconds, Starts Racing In 2012

    Meet the Formulec EF01, a truly awesome single-seater electric race car which combines speed and efficiency with sustainability and respect for the environment. Designed and created by South African firm Formulec and its technology partner SEGULA Technologies, the new electric race car is capable...

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