• Arcfox-7 concept, 2016 Beijing auto show

    Former Volkswagen Group design boss Walter de Silva has come out of retirement to join German engineering consultancy EDAG, and his first task will be to design a fleet of cars for a Chinese electric car startup. The Italian designer quit his post at the VW Group in October 2015, a month after the emergence of the diesel scandal. During his time there he created some masterpieces such as the original Audi A5 and R8, though he was also responsible for some real oddballs such as 2013’s Lamborghini Egoista concept. “I'm very happy to work for the EDAG Group—one of the world's...

  • EDAG Light Cocoon concept
    EDAG Light Cocoon Concept Set To Illuminate 2015 Geneva Motor Show

    Engineering firm EDAG will debut a concept featuring backlit fabric skin.

  • EDAG Genesis
    EDAG Genesis Previews Car Of The Far Future At Geneva

    The term "concept car" has been muddied in recent decades by vehicles barely removed from production cars. Where once cars little removed from concept vehicles were a novelty and something to celebrate, today it's the norm, and only details separate concepts from their production equivalents a...

  • EDAG Light Car Sharing Concept
    EDAG Light Car Sharing Concept: 2011 Geneva Motor Show

    German engineering and design firm EDAG has rolled out the latest concept in a growing line of design studies based on its ‘Light Car’ philosophy, a fundamental design for cars that are able to communicate with one another via a system of organic LEDs. Back at 2009’s Geneva Motor...

  • edag light car concept 001
    EDAG Presents Light Car Concept At Geneva Motor Show

    German firm EDAG - short for Engineering & Design, AG - has unveiled its latest concept for a futuristic car at the Geneva Motor Show today. The car's key elements center around materials and construction, though its official name - 'Light Car - Open Source' - indicates an ideology that...

  • EDAG Rolls-Royce Phantom takes pride in comfort
    EDAG Rolls-Royce Phantom Takes Pride In Comfort

    As peak oil and global warming concerns become nearly universal, car makers and customizers are working to find ways to keep their products relevant. One way is to seek greener solutions. Another, and the way chosen by EDAG for their Rolls-Royce Phantom, is to make the car relevant to the modern...

  • First images of the EDAG LUV Concept

    German engineering firm EDAG will be showcasing its new LUV Concept at next week’s Geneva Motor Show, a vehicle that combines the styling theme of luxurious private yachts with the familiar body style of a large SUV. The concept has oiled teakwood on the hood, floors and cargo area, plus an interior fully decked out by BRABUS. The German tuner was also called upon to prep the LUV's 6.1L engine, which develops 462hp (340kW) and drives all four wheels. Accelerating to 100km/h from rest takes a little over 6 seconds and top speed is electronically limited to 250km/h. BRABUS also provides a...

  • EDAG reveals its maritime inspired LUV concept
    EDAG Reveals Its Maritime-Inspired LUV Concept

    German outfit EDAG’s latest concept, the ‘EDAG LUV’ combines the styling theme of luxurious private yachts with the familiar body style of a large SUV. The name of the car, “LUV”, comes from the German nautical term “luff,” but also defines a new vehicle...

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