• Proposed EPA E15 gasoline pump warning label for ethanol content

    Just when you thought the government couldn’t possibly regulate more activities in your daily life, it goes and proves you wrong. Under a new rule relating to the sale of E15 fuel (gasoline combined with 15-percent ethanol), consumers will be required to buy a minimum of four gallons of fuel from any single-hose pump that dispenses E15. Since modern gas stations often have single-hose pumps fed from multiple underground tanks, the rule potentially affects all consumers, not just those who use E15 (which the EPA says is safe for automobiles built after 20001). Regardless of the fuel...

  • 2010 Ford Mustang Nascar Nationwide Series Car Revealed
    NASCAR Signs American Ethanol, Goes E15 For 2011

    Motorsports and ecology aren't exactly hand-in-hand concepts. Getting the most speed out of a car usually involves pumping a lot of fuel through it--just to end up back where it started. To improve the green image of racing, many series are taking steps to use greener fuels--and now NASCAR is among...

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