• Ascari F/GT prototype

    The seller claims this car is one of a kind.

  • Video: BMW powered Ascari A10 supercar
    Video: BMW Powered Ascari A10 Supercar

    Ascari's hand-built A10 supercar is just as quick as the million dollar Bugatti Veyron in the sprint to 62 mph, requiring only 2.8 seconds to reach the mark and an additional 3.2 seconds to pass the ton. Jeremy Clarkson found out just how brutal the car is in this latest video review...

  • Ascari launches its KZ-1R GT3 race car
    Ascari Launches Its KZ-1R GT3 Race Car

    British supercar manufacturer Ascari has launched its entrant for the new European GT3 racing series with its KZ-1R race car. The car will be competing in the new championship, which is only in its second year, starting with a non-championship opening event at the Australian Grand Prix in the...

  • Ascari’s 625BHP Enzo rival
    Ascari’s 625-HP Enzo Rival

    U.K. supercar manufacturer Ascari has created the 625bhp A10, which is being touted as a genuine Enzo FXX rival by its spin doctors. The new car does have the benefit of being completely road legal, and is priced somewhat lower than the Ferrari, at £350,000. Currently, only 10 units have been...

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