• Circuit Gilles Villeneuve, home of the Formula 1 Canadian Grand Prix

    With Sebastian Vettel on pole and Ferrari at the front of the grid too, today’s 2011 Formula 1 Canadian Grand Prix is set to be one of the most thrilling races of the year. Vettel is poised to take his sixth victory from seven starts but Ferrari, desperate for a win, will definitely be pushing hard. The Italian racing marque is in its best position to secure a victory for the first time this season, with Fernando Alonso starting at second on the grid and his teammate Felipe Massa starting at third. Now, throw in a wet track and you’ve one got a recipe for excitement. That’s...

  • Sebastian Vettel qualifying at 2011 Canadian Grand Prix
    Perez Out, Vettel Qualifies For Pole At Formula 1 Canadian Grand Prix

    Ferrari will have its best chance to secure its first victory in this year’s Formula 1 season, with Fernando Alonso managing to post the second fastest time at qualifying today at the 2011 Canadian Grand Prix. Fellow Ferrari driver Felipe Massa, meanwhile, is third on the grid, firming the...

  • Vettel barely ahead of Hamilon at 2011 Spanish Grand Prix
    Sebastian Vettel Barely Holds Off Lewis Hamilton At Spanish Grand Prix

    German youngster Sebastian Vettel managed to extend his lead in the 2011 Formula 1 Championship by clenching victory at yesterday’s 2011 Spanish Grand Prix, though his closest rival, McLaren’s Lewis Hamilton, kept on his tail from the 20th to the final 66th lap. In the end, only 0.63...

  • 2011 Formula 1 Spanish Grand Prix
    Formula 1 Spanish Grand Prix Preview: Alonso Signs On With Ferrari Until 2016

    Two weeks seems like an eternity in the fast paced world of Formula 1, with Sebastian Vettel’s dominant win at the 2011 Turkish Grand Prix now only a distant memory. Since then we’ve heard news of an alleged glassing incident involving Force India’s Adrian Sutil and Renault...

  • Felipe Massa and Fernando Alonso
    Official: Fernando Alonso Joins Ferrari For 2010

    Ferrari on Wednesday announced that Fernando Alonso has signed a three year contract to race for the famous Italian team beginning in 2010.

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