2011 Formula 1 Spanish Grand Prix

2011 Formula 1 Spanish Grand Prix

Two weeks seems like an eternity in the fast paced world of Formula 1, with Sebastian Vettel’s dominant win at the 2011 Turkish Grand Prix now only a distant memory.

Since then we’ve heard news of an alleged glassing incident involving Force India’s Adrian Sutil and Renault co-owner Eric Lux at a nightclub in Shanghai, as well as news breaking today that Fernando Alonso has signed up with Ferrari until 2016.

Going into this weekend’s 2011 Spanish Grand Prix, the first leg of Formula 1’s European tour, teams will be keen to experience the full effects of the 2011 technical rule changes, namely, the Kinetic Energy Recovery System (KERS), Drag Reduction System (DRS) and new Pirelli tires, at the Circuit de Catalunya.

The famous track, just north of Barcelona, is the place that most teams and drivers test during the off-season and this familiarity in the past has meant a lack of on-track action. On Sunday, drivers will complete 66 laps of the track, covering some 191 miles.

Leading the points table is, of course, Sebastian Vettel, with 93 points, followed by McLaren’s Lewis Hamilton on 59 points and Vettel’s Red Bull Racing teammate Mark Webber on 55 points.

Stay tuned for our full race recap on Monday.


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