Alfa Romeo Zagato TZ3 Stradale

  • The final Alfa Romeo Zagato Stradale TZ3 - image: Amelia Island Concours d'Elegance

    What do you get when you cross the engine and mechanicals of a Dodge Viper with a hand-built carbon fiber body designed by Zagato? The answer, oddly enough, is a car with an Alfa Romeo badge on its stunning hood: the Alfa Romeo Zagato Stradale TZ3. Originally shown as a concept honoring 100 years of Alfa Romeo motorsports at the 2010 Villa D’Este, the car was put into limited production beginning in 2011. While the car exhibited in Italy was a Corsa (track) variant, all nine production models were built as Stradale (street) versions. The final car assembled, sprayed in “Azzurro...

  • Alfa Romeo Zagato TZ3 Stradale
    Alfa Romeo Zagato TZ3 Stradale Hits The Road: Video

    Last week we got our first look at the new Alfa Romeo Zagato TZ3 Stradale, the Dodge Viper ACR based production version of the one-off TZ3 Corsa concept car. Now we have a new video of the limited edition supercar, captured while it was shown off to clients at Zagato’s studio just outside of...

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