2013 Lotus Esprit Concept

  • 2013 Lotus Esprit Concept

    The new Lotus is building a new V-8 engine, in part to power its upcoming Lotus Esprit, due in 2013. Reported to generate up to 570 horsepower, the new Lotus V-8 is being built from scratch, completely in-house, a move which Lotus characterizes as big and brave decision. The motivation is to be "pure Lotus," and that requires building not just the chassis, but the engine, according to the new mandate--though fans of the Toyota-powered Elise and Exige models might disagree with that somewhat. Whichever side of the Lotus fence you're on, you have to admit, the promise of the new Esprit is...

  • 2013 Lotus Esprit
    First Details On New In-House Developed Lotus V-8

    We’ve known for some time that Lotus was working on a new V-8 engine for its upcoming Esprit supercar, even word that the automaker was pulling funding from other projects to ensure that both the new engine and the supercars that it will eventually power are truly world class. Now the first...

  • 2013 Lotus Esprit Concept
    Lotus Drops More Images Of New Esprit Supercar

    To say Lotus pulled off a bit of a coup at last month’s 2010 Paris Auto Show is a massive understatement given the automaker’s reveal of no less than six brand new concept cars, all of which are intended for production over the next five years. The list of concepts range from tiny urban...

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