BMW used the 2024 CES currently underway in Las Vegas to present a range of new digital features being developed, including new streaming services, gaming, and an artificial intelligence-enhanced voice assistant.

The most practical of the developments is the next-generation voice assistant that integrates Amazon Alexa. Volkswagen and Mercedes-Benz also presented AI-backed voice assistants at CES, with VW's system integrating the popular ChatGPT chatbot.

BMW's system is able to provide simple and fast responses on various topics including information about the vehicle and answers to general questions. It can also control some vehicle functions, such as media and navigation.

The system is continuing to be developed but is expected to be rolled out over the course of the year for vehicles running version 9.0 of BMW's operating system.

BMW at 2024 CES

BMW at 2024 CES

BMW also showcased new entertainment options that will be handy for anyone waiting for their electric vehicle to charge or to keep kids occupied on longer journeys. Via the BMW ConnectedDrive Store, various third-party apps can be downloaded and installed, including video games that can be played with common Bluetooth-connected wireless gaming controllers. Two players sitting up front can play using the infotainment screen with a split-screen mode.

BMW also has its own video app that is already available in some models. Depending on the location, it can stream channels such as Pluto TV, Bloomberg, TED, Yahoo!, and Chili. For the U.S., there are additional options including Tubi, Gusto TV, and Journy.

BMW also teased a technology for the future in the form of augmented reality glasses, in this case a set of XREAL Air 2 glasses. Here the driver and other occupants of the vehicle can receive information such as navigation instructions or hazard warnings, plus information on points of interest, and entertainment content embedded in the real environment.