A documentary series on former Renault Nissan Mitsubishi Alliance chief Carlos Ghosn's 2019 escape from Japan while on trial for alleged financial misconduct is coming to Apple TV+ on Aug. 25, and a trailer has been released.

The four-part series “Wanted: The Escape Of Carlos Ghosn” covers Ghosn's rise to the top, his 2018 arrest, and his fanciful escape the following year—fanciful mostly on the part of the ineptitude of Japanese authorities.

The series also provides a prediction of what future twist Ghosn's ordeal may take.

Ghosn was heavily monitored and not allowed to leave Japan as part of his bail conditions but with help from former Green Beret Mike Taylor, he was smuggled out of his Tokyo home in a music instrument case borrowed from a band that was hired to perform during a Christmas party. While still in the instrument case, Ghosn was loaded onto a private plane and flown to Lebanon via Turkey. Lebanon doesn't currently have an extradition treaty with Japan.

Ghosn has since conducted a number of interviews from Lebanon, including for the Apple TV+ series. Also appearing is Taylor, who was given a sentence for two years for his involvement in the escape. He was released earlier this year. His son Peter, who also helped in the escape, was sentenced to one year and eight months.

Ghosn was initially heralded as the savior of both Renault and Nissan and was key to the formation of the Renault Nissan Alliance, which later expanded to include Mitsubishi. In 2018, he faced several charges by Japanese authorities, including misreporting income to financial regulators, transferring personal losses onto Nissan's corporate books, and transferring corporate funds for personal use. He denies all charges and has said he planned his escape only because he wouldn't have been given a fair trial in Japan.

A television series on the ordeal may also be coming, with “Monk” star Tony Shalhoub rumored to play the role of Ghosn.