Organizers of the Formula 1 World Championship on Wednesday published the calendar for the 2024 season, and it boasts a record 24 races, or one more than the current season.

The calendar also stands out because the first race of the season, the Bahrain Grand Prix, is scheduled to take place on a Saturday instead of the usual Sunday, in this case March 2. This will also be the case for the second race on March 9, the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix. The shift was necessary to accommodate the start of Ramadan on March 10, the organizers, which include F1 and the FIA, said.

The organizers have also moved some races to group them together in specific regions, reducing the travel requirements for teams and all of their gear in an effort to boost the sport's sustainability. For example, following the race in Australia will be races in Japan and then China. The Chinese Grand Prix will make its first appearance on the calendar since 2019, as the race has been called off in previous years due to restrictions related to Covid-19.

Once again there will also be five races in North America, including three in the U.S. and one each in Canada and Mexico. The U.S. races will take place in Austin, Texas; Las Vegas, Nevada; and Miami, Florida. The Las Vegas race is also scheduled to take place on a Saturday, in this case November 23.

Traditional races such as the French and German Grands Prix won't return in 2024, although the organizers are keen to host them in future seasons.

2024 Formula 1 World Championship calendar:

March 2 - Bahrain Grand Prix
March 9 - Saudi Arabian Grand Prix
March 24 - Australian Grand Prix
April 7 - Japanese Grand Prix
April 21 - Chinese Grand Prix
May 5 - Miami Grand Prix
May 19 - Emilia Romagna Grand Prix
May 24 - Monaco Grand Prix
June 9 - Canadian Grand Prix
June 23 - Spanish Grand Prix
June 30 - Austrian Grand Prix
July 7 - British Grand Prix
July 21 - Hungarian Grand Prix
July 28 - Belgian Grand Prix
August 25 - Dutch Grand Prix
September 1 - Italian Grand Prix
September 15 - Azerbaijan Grand Prix
September 22 - Singapore Grand Prix
October 18 - United States Grand Prix (Austin)
October 27 - Mexican Grand Prix
November 3 - Brazilian Grand Prix
November 23 - Las Vegas Grand Prix
December 1 - Qatar Grand Prix
December 8 - Abu Dhabi Grand Prix