Mercedes-Benz Maybach late on Tuesday announced a Night Series treatment for the three vehicles in its lineup. That lineup consists of Maybach-enhanced versions of the S-Class sedan and GLS-Class SUV, and new for the 2024 model year the fully electric EQS SUV.

Any Maybach is already a special car, but the Night Series brings a few extras to enhance that special feeling. Key among these are color details, which as the Night Series name suggests adopt a dark theme.

All three vehicles offer a two-tone paint finish, with black serving as the main color and silver for the top portion, giving the effect of a dark night broken by moonlight. All the usual chrome accents have also been replaced by dark chrome pieces, and a splash of rose gold paint features around the headlights.

One of the most distinctive elements of the Night Series is the wheel design. It features thin spokes separated by flat areas made up of tiny Maybach logos.

Mercedes-Benz Maybach Night Series

Mercedes-Benz Maybach Night Series

For the interiors, there are similar dark details, as well as more elements in rose gold. The designers have used a herringbone pattern for some areas of the cabin, like the wood accents, and added a unique Night Series start-up animation for the infotainment system.

The S-Class and EQS SUV Night Series models are due at dealerships later this year, and the GLS-Class Night Series in early 2024—all as 2024 models. A matching line of fashion items and travel accessories will also be available.

Pricing information hasn't been announced.