The teaser campaign and wait for the Lamborghini Aventador successor is almost over.

On Wednesday, the Italian automaker announced via Twitter the Lamborghini Aventador successor, which has to date been code-named LB744, will debut on March 29 at 1 pm ET.

Lamborghini announces LB744 debut date via Twitter

Lamborghini announces LB744 debut date via Twitter

The LB744 has been thoroughly detailed by Lamborghini at this point in a teaser campaign.

The electrified supercar will pack 1,000 hp from a sophisticated plug-in hybrid powertrain featuring a V-12 gas engine and three electric motors.

Lamborghini has outlined the LB744's 13 drive modes, which include an electric all-wheel drive mode and a Recharge mode to keep a charge in the 3.8-kwh battery. 

The LB744's chassis consists of a newly developed carbon-fiber tub, with a carbon-fiber front frame and a carbon-fiber front crash structure. The new so-called monofuselage will be both 10% lighter and 25% stiffer than the Aventador's structure.

Prototypes of the LB744 have been spotted undergoing testing on public roads. The design combines several design elements, some of which were influenced by the 2017 Terzo Millennia concept. A preview of the brutish and busy design was revealed accidentally via patent drawings by the World Intellectual Property Organization in January.