McLaren, The Americas on Saturday celebrated the grand opening of its new headquarters in Dallas, Texas.

The site spans 31,000 square feet, dwarfing the previous 4,500-foot headquarters in New York City, and includes a MSO Brand Center that caters to customers looking for personalized touches on their cars.

The location is also closer to a majority of McLaren's 32 dealerships in the Americas, enabling technical and customer service requests to be handled quicker, McLaren said.

McLaren, The Americas headquarters in Dallas, Texas

McLaren, The Americas headquarters in Dallas, Texas

The bigger site has also enabled McLaren to centrally locate several departments. In addition to the MSO Brand Center, the site also includes enough space for a showroom, service center, training center, and storage facility for all company-owned vehicles.

The MSO Brand Center is particularly critical to customers in the Americas, as it means consultations for highly personalized cars can be done in person without the customer having to travel to McLaren's headquarters in Woking, U.K., where the MSO personalization department is based.

MSO handles everything from custom colors for the interior or exterior paint work right up to one-off builds like the X-1 supercar unveiled in 2012. More recently, MSO has started handling services related to older McLaren cars, which is fitting as MSO originally started as the customer car division for the F1 supercar.