If you're in the market for one of the biggest, baddest pickup trucks around, Sealy, Texas-based Hennessey Performance Engineering has you covered.

Regardless whether you're a Ford, Chevy or Ram fan, Hennessey has a monster 6x6 pickup truck for you. The latest is the Velociraptor 6x6, based on Hennessey's Gen 3 Velociraptor.

Velociraptor is Hennessey's line of tuned F-150 Raptors, and it's now into its third generation. The second-generation version was the first to offer a 6x6 option, and now Hennessey has a follow up.

The latest Velociraptor 6x6 is based on Ford's F-150 Raptor that arrived for 2021. As a result, it features the familiar twin-turbo 3.5-liter V-6 under the hood, which has been tuned by Hennessey to spit out 558 hp and 672 lb-ft of torque.

For improved off-road ability, the truck has dual locking rear axles, a raised suspension, upgraded Fox dampers, extra LEDs, and massive 20-inch wheels shod with 37-inch off-road tires. It also features mean-looking bumpers, plus a protective bar up front. Hennessey says the suspension has been improved over the previous setup to ensure more power gets to the ground.

Naturally, the vehicle has also been stretched to accommodate the third axle. This has allowed the installation of a custom 8-foot bed that boasts 45% more volume than the stock 5.5-foot bed.

The Gen 3 Velociraptor 6x6 is priced from $399,950 and can be shipped out all over the globe. The vehicle is already in production and the first examples started delivery earlier in September.