If you want to get as far off the grid as possible, the EarthRoamer LTi can make that happen. This episode of Jay Leno's Garage provides a detailed look at this highly-capable vehicle.

The LTi starts out as a Ford F-550 Super Duty pickup truck, retaining the stock 6.7-liter turbodiesel V-8 and 10-speed automatic transmission. EarthRoamer sources the trucks directly from Ford and strips them down to the frame rails, Zack Renier, the company's customer experience manager, explains in the video.

From the front seats forward, the truck appears mostly stock. But EarthRoamer installed rear captain's chairs in place of the cab's stock bench seat. Behind the cab sits a carbon-fiber camper shell supported by a rear axle with single wheels in place of the stock dually configuration. That allowed EarthRoamer to fit 43-inch tires, which are mounted to 20-inch double-beadlock wheels.

Four-corner air suspension not only improves ride quality, but also adjusts for crosswinds (an important consideration given the camper's broad sides) and can level the vehicle when parked at a campsite. Storage lockers are built into the camper shell, while swing-out boxes add even more storage space. This truck even has a smoker in one of those boxes.

The camper itself has features we wouldn't normally expect to find in a rugged overloading vehicle, including a cedar closet and wine cellar. The bathroom, however, is a closet-like space that combines the shower and toilet. A full kitchen is included as well, with an induction cooktop, microwave, and convection oven with broiler and air fryer.

In a normal RV or trailer, powering all of these appliances would normally require onboard propane tanks or a generator. That both limits the duration of any camping trips and increases the vehicle's carbon footprint. So EarthRoamer uses lithium-ion batteries, charged with roof-mounted solar panels.

The truck weighs about 17,500 pounds, with the donor Super Duty chassis accounting for about 9,000 pounds. And remember this is with carbon-fiber construction; Renier said earlier fiberglass versions were 1,500 pounds to 2,000 pounds heavier. Fuel economy is estimated at 10 to 12 mpg, and the 95-gallon diesel tank affords an estimated 1,000-mile range.

Still the EarthRoamer LTi performs impressively off-road for what is essentially a small house on wheels. Watch the full video to see that.