Porsche will no longer build an electric vehicle on the basis of the so-called Artemis Project technology platform spearheaded by fellow Volkswagen Group brand Audi.

Audi started the Artemis Project in 2020 with the aim of developing a platform designed for highly efficient EVs. Under the original plan, the platform was to spawn models for Audi, Bentley and Porsche under the Landjet code name, with the first of these due to be revealed in 2024 and on sale in 2025.

The Audi and Porsche models, plus the body shell for the Bentley, were to be built at a Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles' plant located in Hannover, Germany. However, Bertina Murkovic, a union head at VW Commercial Vehicles, said in December that Porsche planned to use a different platform for its model and will thus no longer build the model in Hannover.

Automobilwoche (subscription required) reported on Sunday that Porsche will pay VW Commercial Vehicles approximately 100 million euros ($113 million) in compensation for the lost production at the Hannover plant, and that Porsche will now build its model at its plant in Leipzig, Germany.

Electric Porsche Macan development

Electric Porsche Macan development

According to Automobilwoche's sources, Porsche ditched the Artemis Project because it didn't need the self-driving capabilities of the platform. Porsche's model is now expected to use the PPE modular EV platform that Porsche is also using for its electric Macan due in 2023, and should start sales in 2026.

It's possible the Porsche model is the three-row crossover reportedly shown to U.S. dealers last fall. The vehicle was described as having a distinct body style blending elements of a sedan and crossover, and with a flat rear. It's possible Porsche is planning a large wagon of some sort big enough to fit three rows of seats.

The Audi model is thought to be a replacement for the A8, while the Bentley model will be a new line for the brand and the first of its future EVs.

The news comes as Porsche celebrates its best year on record. The German performance marque delivered 301,915 vehicles in 2021, up 11% on the previous year. China was the biggest market for Porsche, accounting for almost one out of every three deliveries.