Lincoln will use the 2021 Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance on this month to present the Aviator Shinola concept, a plush crossover infused with design elements inspired by Shinola's growing range of luxury goods.

The Shinola name was made famous during the 20th century as a brand of wax-based shoe polish, but today it's used by a well-regarded, Detroit-based manufacturer of diverse goods including bikes, leather bags, turntables, watches and other luxury lifestyle items.

Key items from the Shinola catalog that inspired the concept include a watch, duffle bag and bike seat. One instance are the copper accents, inspired by the copper-plated structure that attaches to a Shinola Runwell bike seat.

You'll also notice the stripes lining each seat, which take their inspiration from the Shinola brand stripe. Woven metal mesh is also featured on the center console to impart an industrial feel.

There's no word on plans for production but hopefully we'll know more following the debut at Pebble Beach, scheduled for August 15. You'll find our full coverage on the Pebble Beach concours, as well as the rest of Monterey Car Week, at our dedicated hub.