McLaren held a dealer meeting on Tuesday at which the company revealed details about a P1 successor and a new four-door vehicle that could be an SUV, Automotive News (subscription required) has reported, citing two dealer sources.

According to the sources, the P1 successor will arrive around 2026 with a V-8 hybrid powertrain.

The P1, launched in 2013, featured a plug-in hybrid powertrain, with an electric motor sandwiched between the engine and transmission, plus a big battery capable of delivering pure electric range.

However, the sources said the successor's hybrid system will be 70% lighter, suggesting it may skip the plug-in hybrid technology in favor of a simpler setup with an electric motor that aids the engine but can't power the car on its own.

McLaren P1

McLaren P1

One of the sources said horsepower will be much higher than in the P1, which had a peak of 903 hp.

Other details revealed by the sources include a new carbon-fiber monocoque with integrated seat backs, a new dihedral door design, 3D-printed suspension parts, and aerodynamic elements leveraging Formula 1 designs.

The sources said McLaren also confirmed at the same dealer meet plans for a new class of vehicle arriving in 2028. They said Jamie Corstorphine, McLaren's director of product strategy, teased that the vehicle may have four doors and four seats. Corstorphine is the same exec who in a 2022 interview said McLaren was exploring an SUV.

The sources also said McLaren confirmed plans to exclusively sell electrified cars by 2026, when a hybrid successor to the new 750S supercar is also due. This means the 750S, which was revealed this week, will be among the last McLarens powered solely by an internal-combustion engine. There will likely be some special editions plus additional variants of the 750S before the successor's arrival in 2026.