Detroit's annual North American International Auto Show is set to make a return in 2022, after sitting out the past two years due to disruptions caused by the pandemic.

The Detroit Auto Dealers Association, the show's organizer, announced on Tuesday that the 2022 show will run in September, instead of the traditional January setting.

There will be a media preview from Sept. 14-15, followed by a charity preview on Sept. 16, and the public days running from Sept. 17-25.

The good news is that the organizer is sticking to plans to give the show a major revamp. Originally due to be introduced in 2020, the revamp will see the show turned into a festival with attractions located in multiple parts of the city and new, more immersive attractions including some to be held outdoors added to the roster.

Despite the revamp, the bulk of the action will still take place at Detroit's Huntington Place (previously TCF Center), which has held the show since 1965.

Disruptions caused by the pandemic coupled with falling demand for traditional auto shows, due in part to the growth in online reveals, has resulted in a number of shows around the globe being tweaked or fully revamped.

Germany's top auto show was also given a revamp last year, including being hosted in Munich for the first time instead of the traditional home of Frankfurt. The revamped show also placed a greater emphasis on urban and sustainable mobility solutions, as opposed to the luxury and high-performance cars that have traditionally dominated the show.

The annual auto show in Geneva has also been affected by the pandemic. It was canceled in 2020 and 2021, and now also in 2022. However, the organizer in 2021 struck a deal with Qatar's tourism board to split hosting of the show between Qatar and the traditional home of Switzerland. The first show in Qatar is planned for either 2022 or 2023.