Superformance has introduced its latest Shelby Cobra replica, the company announced on Wednesday. Built under license from Carroll Shelby Licensing, Inc., the MKIII R is based on the 1965 Cobra, but with some modern styling touches and updated mechanical components.

While the overall shape is recognizable, the MKIII R isn't a carbon copy of a 1960s Cobra. Fender scallops, a different hood-scoop design, a front splitter, and a rear diffuser distinguish the Superformance car from the original. The body is made from fiberglass with steel reinforcements at all openings. The car also features LED headlights and rides on 18-inch wheels.

The body sits on a steel ladder frame made from 2x4 rectangular tubing and large-diameter outriggers, according to Superformance. It incorporates crumple zones, door hinges, and pickup points for the steering column and windshield.

The suspension consists of an independent unequal length A-arm setup front and rear, with Bilstein adjustable coilovers and telescopic shocks up front.

Superformance MKIII R Cobra

Superformance MKIII R Cobra

The interior gets plenty of leather upholstery (including on the transmission tunnel), with French stitching in a color to match the exterior, as well as electronic gauges.

To get around federal regulations, Superformance sells its cars without engines. Customers can get separate installation kits for Ford crate engines of 302-, 351-, 460-, and 427/428-cubic-inch displacements, with Tremec 5-speed or Ford Top Loader 4-speed manual transmissions.

The MKIII R rolling chassis starts at $79,900. That's much less than an original Cobra, most of which are now considered too valuable for regular use. The value and rarity of original Cobras has helped drive the replica business, with multiple companies (including Shelby American itself) offering reproductions of the classic sports car.