Remember the wild V-12 engine made from a pair of LS V-8s we told you about a couple of years ago?

Well, the engine management specialists at Haltech based in Lexington, Kentucky, have developed a quad-turbocharger setup for it.

The V-12 is a 9.7-liter (592-cubic inch) monster built by Australia's V12LS. It's built from a pair of LS1 V-8s sourced from General Motors, and it features a one-piece, cast aluminum block, custom heads and intake manifolds, and a custom cam and crankshaft.

Haltech secured one of the engines for development purposes. An initial run on an engine dyno registered about 700 horsepower at the crank, so just imagine what bolting on four turbochargers will do. Haltech is still developing the turbocharged version and is yet to reveal a power figure, but you can imagine it will be the hypercar region.

Quad-turbocharged 9.7-liter V-12 from Haltech and V12LS

Quad-turbocharged 9.7-liter V-12 from Haltech and V12LS

The turbochargers are Garrett's GT3582R design, which might seem small for such a big engine. However, each is handling the exhaust flow of only three cylinders, or roughly two and a half liters of engine displacement. For testing purposes, Haltech is only generating a mild 7 psi of boost from the turbos.

Other components include a custom intercooler, a pair of Gen-V Race Port 50-millimeter blow-off valves, and four Turbosmart Gen-V CompGate 40-mm wastegates. Yes, we can only imagine how insane this thing will sound. The video above provides a small taste.

Right now Haltech is only using the engine for testing and developing new components. We're sure the company will be happy to build a customer example should the price be right.

Where might we see such an engine? Factory Five Racing is working on a new supercar called the F9R, and it's being developed to fit V12LS's monster V-12. Hopefully it will fit the turbocharged version, too.