For 2020, BMW has upped horsepower figures for certain M-branded vehicles thanks to engine improvements.

The 2020 BMW M550i xDrive and 2020 BMW X3 and X4 M40i xDrive received sizable bumps in horsepower and torque outputs from similarly sized engines that were used last year. 

The biggest increase is found in the 2020 M550i sedan, which saw the output from its twin-turbo 4.4-liter V-8 increase from 456 hp and 480 pound-feet in 2019 to 523 hp and 553 lb-ft in 2020. The nearly 15-percent boost is due to a revised engine boasting larger turbochargers, an improved intake manifold and ports, higher fuel pressure, a stronger block, reinforced pistons, and new engine management, BMW spokesman Oleg Satanovsky told Motor Authority on Tuesday.

For the crossovers, the X3 and X4 M40i's outputs increase from 355 hp to 382 hp in 2020. The increase of about 5 percent is due to increased boost pressure, revised engine management, and upgraded exhaust components.

The X3 and X4 M40i use an engine found in many 40i-branded BMWs, including the 540i, X6, 740i, and 840i, although those vehicles don't get the same power bump for 2020. The 2020 Z4 M40i and 2020 M340i have power ratings similar to the 2020 versions of the X3 and X4 M40i.

It should be noted that these models also received price increases, though that is at least partially due to additional equipment. The base price for the M550i increased by $2,200, and it now includes equipment changes such as an active rear differential and heated seats. The prices for the X3 and X4 M40i rose $1,250 and $550, respectively, and also include small equipment changes.