The future is electric and Porsche knows it, but that doesn't mean fans of the iconic 911 need to panic about its soul.

Weeks after Porsche unveiled its all-electric Taycan sports sedan, the automaker's CEO, Oliver Blume, told Autocar in a report published last week that Porsche will continue to build the 911 with a gas engine for as long as it's able.

While Porsche is planning a hybrid 911 for its future lineup, the automaker is also thinking of options to keep the gas engine in the rear of the car.

Thinking ahead, Blume said two keys are more-efficient gasoline engines and the use of synthetic gasoline. While expensive today, synthetic fuel will be an option in 10 years, according to Blume.

"It fits perfectly," he said.

Porsche has said it has three pillars in its powertrain strategy going forward: gas, hybrid, and electric. That's not set to change in the near future as this is the strategy for the "next 10 to 15 years," according to Blume.

Porsche will offer powertrain options from each of those three pillars for each of its vehicle segments, which consist of two-door sports cars, SUVs, and sedans. This could lead to the next-generation 718 Cayman and Boxster going all-electric as rumored.

Blume recognized Porsche will need to be flexible in the future as different regions of the world will develop at different intervals as infrastructure is built and people's needs evolve.

By 2025, the automaker said 60 percent of its new vehicle sales will be electrified.

While the future is electric, it's clear Porsche 911 enthusiasts who love the visceral growl of a gas-powered engine can rest easy...for now.