Audi plans to expand its E-tron label to the world of kick scooters in 2020 when it puts into production the E-Tron Scooter, a concept for which was unveiled on Monday.

Electric scooters are growing in popularity in many major cities, though a major downside of most designs is that they require both hands on the handle bar for steering and stability. This makes it hard to provide hand signals for turns, for example.

Audi's E-tron Scooter solves this with a design that is more like an electrically powered skateboard. You stand on your side when using the scooter and only need a single hand for stability. Steering is done by shifting your weight. Audi said the scooter's movable axles enable the scooter to make surprisingly tight curves.

Audi E-tron Scooter concept

Audi E-tron Scooter concept

The E-tron Scooter is also relatively light at 26 pounds and can be folded for easy transport. The top speed is 12.5 mph and the range is about 12.5 miles, though this is only achieved with sufficient brake energy regeneration via the single foot-controlled brake. Wall outlet charging can be done at home, and owners of the E-tron electric SUV—and presumably future Audi EVs—will be able to charge the scooter using a port inside their vehicle.

For a bit of personalization, Audi will offer a choice of a wood finish or carbon for the deck and either gray or black paint. And by linking your phone via a Bluetooth connection, owners will be able to adjust the ride characteristics as well as lock the scooter.

Audi plans to start sell the E-tron Scooter in late 2020 at a price of around 2,000 euros (approximately $2,240). The company has confirmed direct sales to customers, though it's also looking at adding the scooters to shared fleets. No word yet if it will be available in the United States.