Acura wants to give those shopping for certified pre-owned models a little more peace of mind. The brand announced Thursday that it has doubled CPO warranty coverage under its latest program.

The warranty does not affect the standard powertrain warranty, however. That remains the same at 7 years/100,000 miles, whichever comes first. Now, the standard CPO warranty will be 2 years/100,000 total odometer miles, whichever comes first. It's important to underscore the mileage portion. A CPO Acura with, for example, 40,000 miles when purchased will have 60,000 miles of coverage or the 2-year-long period.

Originally, the CPO warranty only covered 12 months or an additional 12,000 miles. The increase is pretty substantial for those shopping CPO cars and should give buyers another reason to consider Acura. Brands often view CPO programs has stepping stones to keep buyers with the company for life.

The expanded CPO program also includes a couple of new benefits. CPO Acura buyers will now receive one scheduled maintenance trip at no charge. The maintenance will include an oil and filter change, a tire rotation, new air intake and cabin air filters, and a change of the rear differential and brake fluids. While buyers will still get three months of Sirius XM radio on the house, they will now receive a three-month subscription for the AcuraLink system as well. AcuraLink provides communication with the vehicle through an embedded cellular device and offers stolen vehicle tracking, diagnostic information, and the ability to send navigation destinations to the car remotely. Emergency roadside assistance and concierge service are still included in the new CPO warranty benefits.

To qualify for the brand's CPO program, a vehicle must have fewer than 80,000 miles on the odometer and be six model years old or newer. That puts the oldest cars eligible right now at 2014 model year vehicles. Each car must also pass a certification inspection performed by Acura technicians.