Certified Pre-Owned Vehicles

  • 2014 Acura TSX

    Acura is expanding its CPO warranty to 2 years or 100,000 vehicle miles and offering one free scheduled maintenance.

  • 2016 Volvo V60
    Volvo certified vehicle program now includes unlimited mileage warranty

    Volvo announced its revised Certified by Volvo pre-owned vehicle program on Thursday, and it has a new offer to attract buyers. Each certified pre-owned Volvo will come with an unlimited mileage warranty. While it's not a lifetime warranty, Volvo said it can customize the warranty to a buyer's...

  • 2017 Maserati GranTurismo
    Maserati launches CPO program with 2-year unlimited mileage warranty

    Buyers seeking out a bit of Italian luxury and performance have had the opportunity to purchase a used Maserati for years, but the brand itself is now sweetening the deal. Maserati has officially launched its new certified pre-owned program and it offers plenty of benefits. Foremost, purchasing a...

  • Cadillac grille
    Cadillac Upgrades Certified Pre-Owned Program

    Cadillac has upgraded its certified pre-owned (CPO) vehicle program, which now boasts some of the most comprehensive coverage in the industry and includes significantly longer warranties than those offered by rivals. Effective today, Cadillac’s CPO program will extend vehicle coverage to...

  • A McLaren MP4-12C under construction
    McLaren Launches Certified Pre-Owned Program

    With McLaren’s line of supercars having been on the market for almost two years now, it’s only natural used examples, or “pre-owned” as they are referred to in the business, are available. To make sure any potential new customers are looked after, especially those new to...

  • 2012 Land Rover Range Rover
    Land Rover Upgrades Certified Pre-Owned Program In U.S.

    Land Rover’s reputation for reliability may pale in comparison to some, but the automaker is making steps to ensure its customers are well taken care of down the road. The automaker has announced its all-new ‘Select Certified Pre-Owned’ program, which launches this month in the...

  • 2011 Buick Regal CXL in New York City's Soho district

    Certified pre-owned programs often provide shoppers with a higher-value alternative to new cars, with a warranty that's nearly as good. Now GM is making some changes to its program in order to make it even more attractive. The program once known as the GM Certified Used Vehicles Program will be renamed Chevrolet/Buick/GMC Certified Pre-Owned Vehicles. Also, owners will get standard maintenance--including oil changes, as measured by the vehicle's oil life monitor--taken care of for two years or 30,000 miles. Tire rotations and multi-point inspections are also included. The program will...

  • 2012 Cadillac CTS Coupe
    Cadillac To Re-Launch Certified Pre-Owned Program

    Cadillac will re-launch its certified pre-owned program, with the idea of boosting dealership sales and raising resale value on Cadillacs. Buyers who qualify will have their first three months of payments--at rates down to 1.9 percent--taken care of by Cadillac. Certified pre-owned cars will...

  • Rolls-Royce Spirit Of Ecstasy Centenary Collection Phantom
    Rolls-Royce Launches Provenance Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle Program

    Anyone considering dropping a few hundred large on a used, ahem, pre-owned Rolls-Royce can now breathe a little easier as the automaker has launched a new certified pre-owned vehicle program dubbed Provenance. To be classified under the Rolls-Royce Provenance scheme, a car has to meet exacting...

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