The next time someone says the world is better off without Hummer, consider this vehicle: the Mud-Maro.

It's a first-generation Chevrolet Camaro that sits atop a Hummer H1 chassis and fitted with knobby mud tires. It appeared on YouTube channel Hoonigan AutoFocus last Friday. The build comes from owner Chris Highman, who brought the creation to an LS meet in California, and despite all the work seen here, the entire process only took about 30 days. Highman said it was a quick job to marry the Camaro and H1 and perform some tweaks to the portal axles to create a rear-wheel steering system. Highman steers the rear wheels via a joystick in the cockpit.

'Mud-Maro' based on Hummer H1

'Mud-Maro' based on Hummer H1

Under the hood lies a testament to Highman's skills, too. It features a turbocharged GM LS1 V-8 that makes about 650 horsepower, per the owner, who runs it on E85 fuel. He comically brushes off that figure like it's not a lot of power, but notes that he built the car for mud drag races. Oh, and there's nitrous oxide on call, too, via the gear selector-mounted button.

This isn't a show car; the Mud-Maro gets down and dirty whenever duty calls.

Why the H1 chassis? Highman said it was a cheap purchase on Craigslist and offered independent front and rear suspensions for better ground clearance. He said he encounters rather deep dips while drag racing in the mud. All told, Highman says it cost him about $10,000 to build the car.

Click on the video above for more commentary on the machine, hilarious four-wheel donut burnouts, and the presenter's reaction when he gets a ride.