Although this motorcycle doesn't have an engine, the thoughtful design does its best to mimic gas burning bikes of the past.

The electric two-wheeled machine comes from American company Curtiss, and the Zeuss Radial V8 motorcycle is a nod to a V-8-powered motorcycle from the past. Glenn Curtiss, whom the company is named after, rode a V-8 motorcycle back in 1913, which the modern motorcycle's design recalls. Mr. Curtiss managed to set a top speed record of 136 mph that stood for 20 years following the run.

Curtiss worked with British company YASA to design the Zeuss Radial V8's eight cylindrical-shaped batteries to create the splendid-looking V formation. It's not exactly like an engine, but it still manages the part pretty well.

The battery layout is rather unconventional, though the company said in its announcement the formation actually helps achieve optimal maximum cooling efficiency. Aside from the striking look, the battery and electric motor are commonplace in today's budding market for electric motorcycles. The Zeuss Radial V8 has 217 horsepower and 147 pound-feet of torque, which is plenty powerful for a motorcycle. All of that torque, remember, is instantaneous as well.

The Alabama-based company said it plans to share more information as it inches closer to production of the Zeuss Radial V8. Right now, it expects to start production of the motorcycle sometime in 2020. It won't be a cheap ride, either. Pricing is expected to start at $75,000. In the future, Curtiss imagines it will produce more vehicles for the "hyper-luxury" motorcycle segment.