Those who have the money to afford a Lamborghini likely don't need to shop the used market, but the Italian firm has announced a new certified pre-owned (CPO) program to back such vehicles.

Called "Selezione Lamborghini," the CPO program ensures the new owner of a used Lamborghini peace of mind as each vehicle must pass a 150-point inspection of the interior, exterior, mechanicals, and electronics. Work to correct any issues is carried out exclusively by Lamborghini technicians.

All of Lamborghinis sports cars and supercars, plus the Urus SUV, are eligible for the program, though they must show fewer than 43,500 miles on the odometer. They also must have been in use for fewer than 84 months. The criteria for the Urus is more lenient; the SUV can show up to 62,000 miles on the odometer and be in service for no more than 120 months.

No matter the model, each vehicle must have undergone scheduled maintenance. Each car is also road tested before it receives the Selezione Lamborghini stamp of approval.

Every CPO Lamborghini will come with a one-year warranty that covers parts and labor. Buyers can choose to extend the coverage to two years at extra cost. The warranty coverage also affects new Lamborghini models. The firm said the current three-year warranty for all new cars may be extended to at most five years at the point of sale. Selezione Lamborghini will offer extended coverage after the factory warranty expires for new cars.

The move to launch the CPO program comes as Lamborghini recognizes brand interest is higher than ever. The certified sports cars and SUVs offer more buyers a chance to own a Lamborghini as the company installs an artificial cap on production to protect exclusivity. The program launches this month and will roll out globally throughout 2019.