Australians kicked the new year off by retaking a record the country's gearheads have long held. The land down under is once again home to the world record for the biggest simultaneous burnout.

Australia reclaimed the record from Saudi Arabia, which claimed it in 2017 with 119 cars participating to fill the surrounding area with smoke and dust. At the 2019 Summer Nationals in Australia earlier this month, 126 cars lined up to outdo the Saudis' previous record.

Lines of Holdens and Fords filled the track in preparation for the world record attempt, and with the wave of a flag, drivers dumped their clutches and mashed the right two pedals to ensure pools of smoke poured from their rear tires. The entire spectacle was caught on video and via drone footage, and it's pretty darn spectacular.

If you're wondering where the United States stands in this fight for burnout supremacy, the land of the muscle car once held the record briefly in 2015 and stole the title from Australia. As mentioned, Saudi Arabia claimed the record most recently before Australia claimed it once again.

However, this apparently hasn't sat well with Americans. Gumball Rally organizers have begun promoting the event as the time and place where they plan to retake the burnout crown from Australia later this year. The irony that the promotional car is a Chevrolet SS with Holden badge swaps is not lost upon us.

For now, Australia can sleep easy until the Gumball Rally kicks off in August. Take a look at the current world-record burnout video above.