This might be the afterlife for Porsche enthusiasts. It's called The White Collection. Location? Unknown. The collection owner? Also unknown. All we know is the white walls and pristine white floors house a collection of low-mileage Porsche sports cars and supercars all finished in, you guessed it, white.

The Porsche Club of America was invited to the White Collection to dive into what the space offers, and it's nothing short of astonishing. The collection houses a wide range of Porsches from vintage Carrera models, to late 20th-century heroes like the 959, and modern-day wonders like the 918 Spyder. If Porsche built a special car, and offered the car in white, it's present.

Aside from the white 959, the collection is also home to another crown jewel: a Carrera RSR. The RSR is a race car built for the street, and finished with exquisite amounts of detail inside the cabin. The interior is bright red with white accents, while the outside sports Amethyst Metallic, a Porsche factory color at the time, and gold brake calipers, also a Porsche factory hue. The collection's curator, Carl Bauer, even starts up the car for us and gives it a few revs to reveal its racy nature.

The White Collection isn't just about the cars, though. Another part of the collection is dedicated to any segment Porsche ever touched in its history. A display houses luggage sets that date back to the 1970s. Another portion displays Porsche mountain bikes. An eerily white set of bookcases house vast amounts of Porsche literature, while dedicated drawers are home to Porsche posters numbered by year and slide out to reveal the poster protected and crispy fresh.

Get a better look at the collection and all it has to offer in the video above. Just don't ask where it's located. That remains a secret.