'Tis the season to deck the halls, and Kyle LeDuc picked up his Christmas tree in the only way imaginable for the off-road racer: with high-flying jumps, pedal-to-the-metal action, and dirt-spraying slides.

The five-time champion of the Lucas Oil Off-Road Series released this video of the familiar chore of picking up the annual Christmas tree just in time for the holiday.

In the video, LeDuc stops by a tree lot to pick out the ever-special spruce and straps it atop his Ford racing pickup to take it home. Luckily for LeDuc, the lot is located at the end of a winding dirt road far off the beaten path.

LeDuc drifts around every corner and even sends the truck and tree flying high over a massive jump as he races home to decorate the tree just in time for Santa. At one point, the tree ends up 235 feet in the air as 900 horsepower sends the Ford racing truck high into the sky.

But, during the race home, the tree suffers somewhat. When he arrives, his lady sees that the tree has been stripped of many of its needles from his antics and gives him a dirty look. That doesn't stop the LeDuc from getting into the holiday spirit. 

Consider LeDuc's video Gymkhana-light with a holiday twist. The stunts have a different spin than what Ken Block does, but there's just as much action.

Check out the video above, and please, don't replicate the driving style in your last-minute holiday shopping, unless you are a professional driver on a closed course.