Hamilton, New Zealand resident Takeshi Teruya decided to live out his dream when he moved from Japan in 2007. The 37-year-old drifting enthusiast built a 426-foot-long drift circuit...around his house. 

Now, Teruya can practice his hobby every single day without the need to travel more than a couple of feet. He told The New Zealand Herald the track makes him the "happiest man" in the country.

Although our first thought surrounds what the neighbors think, Teruya said they're supportive of his hobby. It probably helps that he owns a fairly large parcel of land and his neighbors also happen to be auto enthusiasts. Teruya said after receiving a $27,000 quote to build the track, he found an asphalt supplier and did most of the work himself with help from neighbors. The project's cost ended up being around $11,000.

And although he said his wife also supported his decision, she told the publication she actually thinks he's "crazy" for undertaking the project.

Teruya grew up in Japan and said he's been in love with drifting since he learned how to drive. He competed in numerous drift events in Japan and continues to frequent them in New Zealand. Although he didn't mention his car of choice, we see it's a modified Nissan Skyline, better known as the Infiniti G35 coupe in the United States.

His wife may not be thrilled with a drift track around the dwelling, but there is an upside for her—their two children love riding their scooters and push bikes on the track.