Porsche doesn't build a 911, Cayman, or Boxster with hybrid power, but a company by the name of Vonnen Performance will change that. 

Vonnen is an offshoot of Porsche suspension specialist Elephant Racing, and Road and Track recently spoke with the company to learn more about its upcomming aftermarket hybrid system. The hybrid system works with any Porsche 911, Cayman, or Boxster from 2012 to 2016 and swaps the flywheel for an electric motor. The company also installs a battery pack in the trunk to provide power.

The hybrid system monitors things such as rpm, vehicle speed, and throttle input to know when it should intervene. When it's called upon, the hybrid motor sends power to another motor mounted on the crankshaft for an additional rotating force; the ECU and hybrid system don't interact. According to R&T's conversation with the company, the system mimics the car going down a steep hill.

In total, the system adds 175 horsepower and 150 pound-feet of torque to any Porsche model. And Vonnen Performance does it by only adding 120 pounds to the car's weight. The minor weight increase comes from removing the stock flywheel, which the a 38-pound electric motor replaces. The company also rips out the starter motor and 12-volt battery since the hybrid system handles both components respective functions. In the back, the 144-cell battery weighs just 80 pounds. All of the modifications don't require any cutting or chopping of the engine and chassis, which is even better news for interested owners.

Finally, the company adds two additional cooling systems for the electric motor and battery, which are in addition to the engine's cooling system. There's a lot going on to make this hybrid system tick. It also isn't cheap, either.

Vonnen Performance said it's working on a development car still, but the package should retail for $75,000 for all the necessary components. Such a sum could probably add more power in other manners, but a "Stage II" upgrade is also in the works. That system will add 350 hp to the car. Of course, you could alternatively wait until Porsche gets around to launching its own hybrid sports car.