Formula E has its sights set on tackling extreme terrain. The all-electric racing series is developing an off-road spec series with the goal of racing in challenging environments all over the globe. It will be called Extreme E, and it could be ready to (silently) rock by 2020.

According to, Formula E is speaking to automakers about its desire to bring an electric spec-SUV racing series to the world. That likely means chassis, battery, and motor specs to remain locked down while automakers would place production-like bodies on the running gear. And the electric adventure mobiles would then try to tackle some seriously tough terrain.

This includes racing in places like the Himalayas and the Arctic. That's part of what makes electric racing series so exciting. With Formula E, the cars can run on tracks built right in the heart of major urban spaces. There's no noise issues and a lack of emissions from the racing vehicles. You just have to carve out the space, but this gives you the ability to bring racing to the people.

Extreme E would obviously be quite a bit different. This would potentially bring racing to places motorsport has never been before. You still need to be mindful of the impact that even electric racing has on the environment, but it seems that the possibilities grow larger. Imagine Super Stadium-style trucks or Trophy trucks powered by electric motors and battery packs. The tremendous suspension travel and instant torque would make for quite a show as the competitors fling their machines around a snowy Arctic circuit.

As Formula E gains more attention and participation from the automakers, it will only continue to improve and grow. Adding a series focused on off-road racing could be a smart addition to the electric racing world. After all, the crossover is king right now in terms of sales.

Perhaps Extreme E could be a future version of the old "Win on Sunday, Sell on Monday" adage.