"We are what nobody needs, but everyone wants." That's a hell of a statement, but it's one that Porsche can certainly make, and the brand does just that in this video tribute to 70 years of building sports cars. This video is not a deep dive into Porsche's history. Instead, it's a quick and emotional look at the soul of the brand, with an eye toward the future. The result is wonderful.

The company founded by Ferdinand Porsche is actually 87 years old. The brand's origin story began not with a sports car but with consulting and development work for others. Eventually, though, Ferdinand Porsche wanted a vehicle to call his own and the 356 was born. It was back in 1948 when the first Porsche road car hit the public streets. From that day forward, Porsche hasn't looked back.

The brand's history has included race cars, world championships, a dominant sports car, and even an evolution that has encompassed sedans, wagons, and SUVs. Now we're on the cusp of Porsche bringing its first all-electric vehicle to the market in the form of the Taycan.

Porsche hasn't forgotten its past, though, as evidenced by the 70th anniversary Speedster Concept and new cars like the 911 GT3 RS and 911 GT2.

The word "we" is used a lot in the video. Porsche understands that its success is built upon the love of those who long to put a Porsche in their garages. Porsche owners believe they are part of something special, and this video extols that notion. An older gentleman places a gentle kiss on the fender of a 550 Spyder. A younger man wears the Porsche shield as a tattoo on his arm. A child in his bedroom has Porsche posters on the walls.

This video covers all of Porsche's model history in a brief 2 and a half minutes. It truly excels in capturing the soul and emotion of those who own, and those who desire to someday own, a Porsche.

Happy 70th, Porsche!