The Ferrari brand has made its way to countless products, but the latest venture is something entirely new: a web comic.

Now, fans of the brand or motorsport in general can follow the comic series called "We Race," which has Ferrari's blessing.

The series comes from illustrator Riccardo Burchielli and scriptwriter Giulio Gualtieri, who take readers into a distant future where something awful has happened on Earth. Despite the cataclysmic events, motorsport has soldiered on, and readers will follow the Formula New series and a handful of main characters as the Red Racing team aims to take down Stargazer. Of course, the main protagonist's Formula New car bears a striking resemblance to a Ferrari F1 car.

What sets the comic apart is the fact every page comes with a musical score behind it, which does wonders to immerse the reader in this post-apocalyptic world we'll surely learn more about as we dive deeper into the series. Some of the pages are also animated as futuristic Formula 1 cars race across the page. We dove into episode one, and the basic foundations for the story had us wanting to jump into the next episode.

The premise of the series is to show that even in the face of world-altering events, the human race will always seek out thrills. And said thrills come from "We Race" and the fictional Formula New series. Hit up this link to catch the latest comics.