At this point, many pickup trucks should come with a warning label: "Pricing might induce shortness of breath."

Today's full-size light-duty pickup trucks can roll out of a dealership with a sticker price exceeding $70,000. It makes us wonder if there's a limit to the pricing madness.

According to Duncan Aldred, global vice president of GMC, not yet. Speaking with Motor Authority at the reveal of the 2019 GMC Sierra 1500 AT4, Aldred said "we haven't reached the price ceiling or feature ceiling. Customers will pay for premium features."

J.D. Power reported the average transaction price in 2017 of a GMC Denali model was $55,600, which topped the average transaction price of the typical vehicle from Audi, BMW, Cadillac, and Mercedes-Benz.

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Aldred said 60 percent of buyers opt for the $7,450 Denali Ultimate Package today when buying the automaker's top-trim models.

The 2019 Sierra 1500 will bring more technology and features taken from luxury cars and even supercars. Among the standard and available equipment will be a carbon fiber bed, LED headlights, a head-up display, a video camera rearview mirror, and all the latest safety tech, including low-speed automatic emergency braking with pedestrian detection.

GMC hasn't priced the 2019 Sierra 1500 yet, but with all the available technology it's clear the latest Sierra 1500 Denali won't be cheap.

The days of an $80,000 light-duty pickup truck might be right around the corner.


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