Porsche is currently king of the Nürburgring, thanks to the bonkers 2018 911 GT2 RS, but the German luxury brand set yet another lap record you may not have heard about. That's because this time it's not about all-out speed and a Porsche 911. Instead, it involves a Panamera Sport Turismo, a tractor, and a trailer.

The brand set a record lap time for quickest around the Nürburgring with a trailer attached. We're not sure how contested that accolade is, but nonetheless, it belongs to Porsche. It wasn't an empty trailer, either, but a vintage Porsche diesel tractor sat inside. The final time was 12 minutes and 6 seconds. The Panamera Sport Turismo reached a top speed of 112 mph in the process, too. Now that's what we call hauling!

That's mighty impressive considering the circuit is 12.9 miles long. The 911 GT2 RS raced around the circuit in just 6:47.3, which smashed the Lamborghini Huracán Performante's old record of 6:52.01. Porsche also claimed the record for fastest rear-wheel drive car with the 911 GT2 RS; the Dodge Viper ACR was the previous king with a 7:01.3.

We don't think manufacturers will rush to take on Porsche's latest record, but we certainly wouldn't mind seeing others take up the gauntlet. Plenty of vehicles could likely match the Panamera Sport Turismo's lap time, but there's no doubt the wagon is one of the more fashionable utility choices on the market.