Porsche previously asserted that half of its sales will come from electrified cars by 2025. Judging by the demand for Panamera hybrid models, the brand may have made a pretty solid prediction.

Reuters reported on Saturday that battery suppliers are having trouble keeping up with demand for the Porsche Panamera's hybrid models. The range includes the Panamera E-Hybrid and the Panamera Turbo S E-Hybrid in various trims. It is unclear if the batteries for those vehicles are supplied by one or more suppliers. We reached out to Porsche for clarification, but Porsche said it can't share supplier information.

Gerd Rupp, head of Porsche’s Leipzig plant where the car is built, said total output for the hybrids has doubled within the last year alone. The plant chief said the brand can meet customer demand right now, but Porsche must limit its forecast due to its battery suppliers' capability.

“As a buyer, we had originally projected different volumes (of battery systems needed),” Rupp said. “The effects can be seen in longer delivery times of currently three-four months for Panamera hybrid models.”

The E-Hybrid models of Panamera and Cayenne have attracted more new customers to the brand than any other model, Klaus Zellner, president and CEO of Porsche's North American operations, previously said. Zellner also said buyers looking for the latest technology have turned to Porsche and the E-Hybrid range in recent years.

While Porsche works to tackle the challenge of rising demand, its parent company, Volkswagen Group, will continue to invest in charging networks across the United States. The company will spend $2 billion to educate consumers on electric cars and install fast-charging stations across the country.