Mitsubishi is looking for ways to make sure pedestrians remain safe as self-driving technology becomes more commonplace. The Japanese automaker revealed what it calls the "Safe and Secure Lighting system" with intentions to make a car's actions better known to pedestrians.

Basically, the system takes turn signals to another level. Rather than just simple flashing lights to denote which direction the car is turning, the system uses projectors to display the direction. It doesn't handle just left or right, either. Mitsubishi's system includes projections for when reverse is activated and even when the driver or a passenger begins to open the door. The system also projects the various actions on the car's body and the automaker says all indicators occur quickly and automatically.

Mitsubishi Safe and Secure Lighting system

Mitsubishi Safe and Secure Lighting system

Mitsubishi cites research that says 60 percent of pedestrian fatalities on roads occur at night. Therefore, the automaker believes its Safe and Secure Lighting system will have a tremendous effect at night to better inform pedestrians of a car's intended movement—especially as various vehicle functions become more automated.

The Safe and Secure Lighting system will be on display at the 2017 Tokyo motor show, which opens on October 25. Aside from the lighting system, Mitsubishi will also showcase the e-Evolution concept. Unlike previous Evolutions, the concept is an SUV, though the Japanese automaker alluded it houses the same sporting intentions as Evos of yore, even though it has battery-electric power. 


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