BMW believes the technology found in the 2018 X3 is out of this world. The German luxury brand has published a 360-degree video on YouTube for viewers to explore Mars with the 2018 X3 as a rover. In the future, BMW is apparently the official vehicle of Mars.

Aside from the fact this particular 2018 BMW X3 wouldn't even be operable on the planet—the X3 M40i runs on a gasoline-powered turbocharged 3.0-liter inline-6 engine and oxygen isn't exactly abundant on the Red Planet—it's a neat piece of content for viewers and fans alike to explore the new SUV (and search for little green men). Through the Mars "mission," a voiceover calls out the advanced features found in the 2018 X3, such as its semi-autonomous driving system, Lane Change Assistant, and Crossroads Warning. Each feature stars in the video for a period of time.

Viewers can drag the screen around to explore the rocky, red planet at their desire, and also check out the cabin and exterior of the X3 M40i. The video is pre-recorded, which means interactions stop at being able to explore the car. It is somewhat entertaining to take in the vastly different landscape, however. But, does that detract from viewers focusing on the X3? After all, that's clearly the intention here.

We're not sure if a BMW X3 would be our first choice for Mars, but the SUV looks good crawling along the red rock. Check out the video and interactive content above.


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