Porsche enthusiasts are a devoted bunch who often prefer the purist expression of their beloved brand.

There's not a lot of wiggle room for change when it comes to the core of their favorite models, especially the 911. Some have managed to carve out a niche, such as Singer, RWB, and a few others.

Still, there are those among the Porsche faithful that have no love for even those companies that change their car. So it will be interesting to see how those folks react to the Porsche 911 in the video above.

The car started its life as a 1979 Porsche 911 SC Targa. That means, despite what the video says, the car would've come packing a 3.0-liter aluminum engine producing somewhere in the neighborhood of 180 horsepower. This car does not have that engine. In fact, if you open the rear engine cover, you'll find... trunk space. Open the front hatch and you'll find a closed off compartment.

This Porsche, you see, has been transformed into an electric machine.

Gone is the flat engine. It's been replaced by a pair of electric motors that receive their juice from a 54-kilowatt-hour battery. A Tesla Roadster gave up its electron provider for the purpose of providing propulsion to this old Porsche. It's working rather well here too, considering that the 0-60 time is now achieved in a time that's one second faster than with the gas-drinking engine.

The entire car has been restored and the result is a wonderful looking old Porsche. It's very clean and there are a few subtle touches on the outside to let you know there's more going on here. You might be able to tell that though from just how quietly the car rolls down the road. Inside, the cabin is quiet too, with the loudest sound apparently arising from the power window mechanisms.

One further little touch we love? The 911 E badge produced for the rear of the car. It's a stylish way to cap off a build that will have some cheering, and others leering. Regardless, we're sure the owner is quite pleased with his zero-emissions classic "sports car."

Note, the car is by no means the first electric 911. Famous Porsche tuner Ruf unveiled an electric 911 for testing purposes as early as 2008.