Our future will be filled with electric cars. It's where the world is moving, and the cars bringing us to this place are getting better and better everyday.

Heck, the Tesla Model S P100D is one of the quickest machines on the road right now. Still, we love the combustion engine and the tuning possibilities that come along with it. We're enthusiasts, and fun cars get us enthused. Will electric cars offer the same adventures in underhood tuning we find with our beloved gas drinkers?

Jason Fenske from Engineering Explained is here to help us find out. He's exploring the topic of tuning electric cars for more power. Fear not tinkerers because the electrified future will be ripe with power adding potential.

Instead of injectors, turbochargers, and intake manifolds, we will be dealing with magnets, battery packs, stators, and coils. The terminology and the techniques will undergo a radical change, but the end game is going to be the same. If you can create more current more quickly, you're going to find faster acceleration.

The rest of the tuning will be the same. All of the stuff that isn't related to power will focus on the familiar. We're talking about brakes, suspension, tires, and dropping weight. Either way, SEMA is going to look quite different in the next decade or two.