Mike Tornabene is the man behind the muscles that is otherwise known as Dom Mazzetti. His Bro Science Life character is a funny parody of the bodybuilding culture. Tornabene himself, however is quite the car fan. He's owned some sweet rides over the last few years, and he's decided to start his own automotive website. It's called GNARPM.com and he's doing some insane stuff over there. Case in point is the latest video, which sees a pair of McLaren 570GTs heading out on a camping trip.

No one thinks of going off-roading when you're also thinking of McLaren's wonderful grand touring machine. Mike and his partner in insanity Zac Mertens don't think like everyone else, which is why they've decided to take the a pair of McLaren 570 GT coupes to a place they shouldn't go. That would be to the Lone Pine, California, camping area that requires many miles of non-pavement driving.

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The pair throw rational thought to the wind, pack up, and head on out. The result of this adventure is that both men get to fling the British supercars along dirt roads. The McLarens never bog down or shy away from the task, and the cars are pushed harder and farther into the wilderness. Eventually, the team reaches its camp site and settles in for the evening.

By settling in, what they actually do is rig up some off-road lighting and continue the vehicular party. A McLaren 570 GT has never looked as good as when it's running down dirt trails in the middle of the night. We can only salute these two gents for pushing a pair of supercars to their limits in a setting off to where no one has thought to go before. 

We just wonder why McLaren Beverly Hills would lend out these cars for such a crazy adventure. If you buy a 570 GT from that dealer, now you'll know why you find dust in every bit of the undercarriage, and perhaps even in the interior.


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